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Happy 50th birthday, LEGO brick!
dwergs says:

The world famous toy brick you and I and everyone we know have built amazing stuff with turns 50 today! But did you know today's bricks still fit the ones from 1958? That nowadays there are 2400 different types of them? And did you know that unsold bricks are melted again and turned into new ones? Hah! I didn't either. I read that over here.

lego avatars display picturesEnough with the trivia, time to involve Messenger in this. For the occasion, you can "mini-mize" yourself into a LEGO figure via this Flash generator. You'll have to rely on your trusted Print Screen button and image editor to turn it into a decent Display Picture (96 by 96 pixels), but that shouldn't bar the way.

What do you get when you cross the default emoticons with LEGO heads? Quite obvious, the following set of LEGO Emoticons. After 50 years, it's hip to be square.

>> Picture yourself in plastic with The Mini-Mizer.

>> Browse 23 LEGO Emoticons.



Que emocionante noticia, para el 2010 tenemos EL HOBBIT, se lee el nombre de Peter Jackson pero no estrictamente como director, ojala sea muy buena.
<cite>ROTTEN TOMATOES: Peter Jackson, New Line Kiss and Make Up; Jackson to Produce Two Hobbit Films</cite>: "


Maquinita arcade Original de Star Wars

Comprar una original maquinita de star wars, con el juego de XWing al precio de $7,000 aprox.

si esta de lujo!!


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